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Исполнитель:Snoop Dogg
Название:Voices of Praise
Время:3:58 мин.
Размер:3,7 Mb

Текст песни Snoop Dogg - Voices of Praise:

​​[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
See, a lot of you brothers and sisters
Are so busy pointing the finger at someone else
Instead of looking in the mirror at your own self

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg (Chorus)]
(I see you playing games with that smile on your face)
I see you playing games with that smile on your face
(It takes a dedicated person to run this race)
You got to be dedicated to run this race
(You're telling everybody how to live their lives)
How you gon' tell me how to live my life?
(But you treat your fellow man like a thief in the night)
But treat your brother man like a thief in the night
You know you ain't right
(You wanna be a Christian but you won't pay the price)
Oh, you wanna be saved but you don't wanna pay the price
(You're duckin' and dodgin' like cheese-eatin' mice)
Duckin' and dodgin'. Hidin'
(You're straddling the fence and you can't make a choice)
What'choo gon' do?
(If you don't get your soul right, you're gonna be lost)
You better get your life right​​
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